EU Aid Policies and Local Perceptions: The Case of Israel and Palestine

Friday seminar with Beata Paragi, Fafo at The Centre for Islamic and Middle East Studies and in cooperation with The New Middle East: Emerging Political and Ideological Trends​.

Western countries have been supporting the idea of the two-state solution by pouring billions of dollars to the region. But does this money make any difference? Are the actors, Israelis and Palestinians, closer to the solution than they were decades ago? And how do local people think about the two-state solution, the role of the donors and the official aid objectives? The presentation will address these questions in light of the recent changes in the Middle East.

Beata Paragi is an EU Marie Curie fellow at Fafo and an assistant professor at the Corvinus University of Budapest. She graduated as an economist (2003) and holds a PhD in international relations (2008) from the Corvinus University of Budapest (former Karl Marx University of Economics). Since these years she has been a visiting researcher at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel as well as at Fafo AIS. Her main fields of interest, in terms of research and teaching alike, cover the Israeli-Palestinian relations and international development cooperation. She co-authored the first book on international development published in Hungarian (Nemzetkozi fejlesztesi segélyezes, Budapest: Tett Consult, 2007, with Balazs Szent-Ivanyi and Sara Vari) among others.