(Video podcast): Dead bodies and the boundaries of democracy: The PKK and the Turkish state

This lecture was organized by the Centre for Islamic and Middle East Studies and held at the University of Oslo 15 April 2016. Watch the video podcast here.

A seminar with Dr. Nerina Weiss.

Images of dead bodies, in humiliating positions or even mutilated, have become an everyday occurrence for all who have been following the current violent events in Eastern Turkey. In her talk Nerina Weiss will explore current discussions and reactions to such images of dead bodies. She is especially interested in how (images of) dead bodies feature in the ongoing political struggle over legitimacy between Erdogan’s highly centralized presidential model and the PKK’s Bookchin influenced model of democratic autonomy. She argues that it is through the images that the borders of democracy and civilization are outlined and questioned.

Nerina Weiss is researcher II at Fafo Research Foundation. She holds a PhD in social anthropology from UIO (2012), and has been Marie-Curie IE Fellow at Dignity-Danish Institute Against Torture. Weiss has done fieldwork in Turkey, Cyprus, Austria and in Scandinavia and focuses mainly on political violence, radicalization, gender and migration.