(Video podcast): Sectarianization and the Syrian Case

This lecture was organized by the Centre for Islamic and Middle East Studies and took place at the University of Oslo 22 April 2016. Watch the video podcast here. hinnebusch

A seminar with Dr. Raymond Hinnebusch, University of St. Andrews.

This seminar engages with the alternative ways of thinking about sectarianism, drawing on the scholarly work on identity and nationalism. Building on that, it provides a framework of analysis that takes account of causal factors, both material and ideational factors, structure and agency and looks at consequences, particularly for state formation and de-formation. The material structure that shapes identity and the functions/forms of sectarianism include modernization, regime power-building practices and inter-state power struggles. Agency refers to the work of “political entrepreneurs efforts to construct identities, including sectarianism. The seminar is based on a paper that tests the utlility of the framework to understand key episodes in the Syrian case.

Prof. Hinnebusch is the director of the Centre for Syrian Studies and a founding member of MECACS. He is professor of International Relations and Middle East Studies at the University of St. Andrews.