(Video Podcast): The Tribulations of Indonesian Islam: From unity in diversity to polarisation and confrontation


This lecture was organized by the Centre for Islamic and Middle East Studies and took place at the University of Oslo September 2, 2016. Watch the video podcast herekersten-bilde

A seminar with Dr. Carool Kersten, King’s College, London.

Over the centuries what is now Indonesia developed its own Islamic tradition. Generally regarded as pluralist and reflective of the country’s national motto ‘Unity in Diversity’, since the regime change and start of the democratization process in 1999, Indonesia’s continuing Islamization process is displaying an increased tendency toward polarization as varying interpretations of Islam confront each other in the public sphere. In this lecture, Dr. Carool Kersten will map these different trends and analyze the dynamics of Islamic discourses in present-day Indonesia.

Dr. Carool Kersten is Senior Lecturer in the Study of Islam and the Muslim World at King’s College, London. He is the author and editor of nine books, including “Islam in Indonesia: The Contest for Society, Ideas and Values” and “A History of Islam in Indonesia: Unity in Diversity”.