(Video podcast): Muted Modernists: The struggle over divine politics in Saudi Arabia

This lecture was organized by the Centre for Islamic and Middle East Studies and took place at the University of Oslo September 9, 2016. Watch the video podcast here. 

A seminar with Professor Madawi Al-Rasheed, London School of Econal-rasheed-cropomics.

Professor Madawi Al-Rasheed introduces her latest book on intellectual development among Saudi Islamists. Ideas about civil and political rights, democracy, justice and careful application of Sharia are currently debated in a very repressive context. The lecture maps the intellectual and political outcome of a new Islamism, that combines longing for Islamic authenticity with modernism.

Madawi Al-Rasheed is Visiting Professor at the Middle East Centre, London School of Economics. She is currently spending one year at Singapore National University, The Middle East Institute. She is the author of several books on Saudi Arabia.